Gecko's Garage Series

A series of animations following the adventures of Gecko the mechanic as he helps to fix his friends.

Gecko's Garage is an ongoing series of animations that I am creating for the Toddler Fun Learning channel on YouTube.  Each episode is set in the garage or construction site and focuses on a different vehicle that is in trouble - some need a new tyre, others fuel, oil, water or a re-spray.
There are currently 18 full episodes, 12 compilations and 2 live action episodes.  These have combined viewing figures of over 19 million views.
The character of Gecko is created using Adobe's Character Animator tool that allows the creation of a puppet that can then be controlled using a combination of webcam and keyboard and mouse commands.
A link to the series can be found here:

Gecko's Garage YouTube Link

Please watch and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

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