Scientists Quiz

A series of character illustrations based on famous scientists from history. These formed a quiz and then were later turned into a series of individual poster prints.

I created these 16 scientists as a fun Christmas quiz.   The quiz proved very popular - the number of viistors caused my website to crash!  I later took each scientist and made a poster of them.  These posters (and some greetings card versions) are available to purchase at my Skepticool website.
Below are some of the individual posters, with the names and dates and a sentence about each scientist.
I have had people asking for the quiz answers which disappeared from my site when I updated.  So here they are:
1. Archimedes (of Syracuse)
2. Isaac Newton
3. Marie Curie
4. Charles Darwin
5. Tycho Brahe
6. Ada Lovelace
7. Al Hazen
8. Rosalind Franklin
9. Florence Nightingale
10. Alan Turing
11. Dmitri Mendeleev
12. Hypatia (of Alexandria)
13. Erwin Schrodinger
14. Nikola Tesla
15. Mary Anning
16. Louis Pasteur

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