Lindy Lyrics Posters

A series of typographic posters inspired by mid century prints and song lyrics.

A series of posters and cards inspired by the lyrics of the songs we dance to at the SwingStomper Lindy Dance Lessons in Chester, UK.  When this set is complete I plan to offer the designs as A3 prints and packs of greetings cards.
"'Tain't what you do (it's the way that you do it)" is a song by Melvin Oliver and James Young, first recored in 1939 by Jimmie Lunceford, Harry James and Ella Fitzgerald.   We dance the Shim Sham to Lunceford's recording of the song.
"Keep on Churnin' (Till The Butter Comes)" is a song first performed in 1952 by Wynonie Harris.
"One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" is a blues song by Ruby Toombs, redorded by Amos Milburn in 1953.
"Five, Six, Five, Six, Seven, Eight" is the regular catchphrase of Nick, our dance teacher, as he counts us in.

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